We need a new background for our YouTube-page. Something awesome. Something that looks like A Million Bucks had a lovechild with a Fire Breathing Laser Shooting Dinosaur. Or something else. As long as it looks good, we’re happy! So here’s the contest:

1. Use our logo, images from our Facebook site, images from our videos or simply draw something, and design an awesome background for our channel.

2. Upload it to our Facebook page, and send a copy of the high res version to Pistolshrimps at gmail dot com

3. Eat some waffles.

4. You might just win the t-shirt.

This contest will go on until we find something we love. We reserve the right to not choose any winners at all.

Thanks to 89padawan89 on YouTube for the suggestion.


Let us hug!

Ron’s Emotional Breakdown

This video haven’t even been online for an hour, and we’re already posting it on the blog. That’s so responsible. *applause*

Please enjoy:

Sexy Blondes on Britain’s Got Talent

Melissa and Jo continue their quest for stardom, this time by auditioning for the TV-show Britain’s Got Talent. See the results here.

Two Tiny Towers

We’re back from our Christmas break!

And once again we return to Middle Earth.


New Videos!

Sorry guys! We forgot to update our website for a while! O.o

We’re back now though =)

Head over to our YouTube channel to see what we’ve been up to lately!

They’re taking the hobbits toBZZZZZZZZ

The Big Slap

“When you’re slapped you’ll take it and like it” – Humphrey Bogart in The Maltese Falcon

Crime Scene Photo Shoot

C.S.I. meets America’s Next Top Model.

Gays & Lesbosexuals