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We need a new background for our YouTube-page. Something awesome. Something that looks like A Million Bucks had a lovechild with a Fire Breathing Laser Shooting Dinosaur. Or something else. As long as it looks good, we’re happy! So here’s the contest: 1. Use our logo, images from our Facebook site, images from our videos […]

New Videos!

Sorry guys! We forgot to update our website for a while! O.o We’re back now though =) Head over to our YouTube channel to see what we’ve been up to lately!

Gays & Lesbosexuals

Harry Potter Starts a Band! Dragonballs!

Like every teenager Harry Potter wants to play in a band. So get ready to be blown away.. Dragonballs. Music: Summer and Starlight – This time –¬† (Higly talented people! We recommend buying the album. Awesome! =) Metal song: Super Metal Fight – Bride of Death¬† – Some Rights Reserved Songs used for parodic […]

Mark & Bill’s Sexual Education: Part 3 – Oral Sex

We forgot to update the website! Sorry!

But now we’re back. Here’s a picture of a kitten to say we’re sorry:

Brokeback Hogwarts

Blondie has a crush on Harry! =)

Harry Potter: Hermione’s Stalker

Brownie has a crush on Hermione!


You can win a slightly used Pistolshrimps t-shirt! As of now there are only two copies in the world! =)

The History of the World in 75 Seconds

Or 75,5 to be exact.