Norwegian National Day For N00bz

Ever wanted to know what Norwegians really celebrate on their national day? Here’s the answer.


Deleted Scenes from Harry Potter and the Outcasts of Hogwarts

Harry Potter Starts a Band! Dragonballs!

Like every teenager Harry Potter wants to play in a band. So get ready to be blown away.. Dragonballs.


Summer and Starlight – This time – (Higly talented people! We recommend buying the album. Awesome! =)

Metal song: Super Metal Fight – Bride of Death – Some Rights Reserved

Songs used for parodic purposes, and therefore Fair Use:

– Dance Like a Hippogriff from the Soundtrack of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
– Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

This video contains images from the film Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. This is a parody. Fair use.

Special thanks to:

Tore Urke, Andreas Næs and Arne Daniel Haldorsen for helping us with the filming =)

Mark & Bill’s Sexual Education: Part 3 – Oral Sex

We forgot to update the website! Sorry!

But now we’re back. Here’s a picture of a kitten to say we’re sorry:

Brokeback Hogwarts

Blondie has a crush on Harry! =)

Harry Potter: Hermione’s Stalker

Brownie has a crush on Hermione!


You can win a slightly used Pistolshrimps t-shirt! As of now there are only two copies in the world! =)

The History of the World in 75 Seconds

Or 75,5 to be exact.

Boobies & Kittens

Our newest video is a celebration of everything that is fun on the internett. Boobies and Kittens of course.